Reyco Services specializes in both home and apartment remodeling and renovations, from beginning of demolition to the “finish work” completion.

We handle all phases of the project(s) including; purchasing and design assistance (fixtures, finishes, etc.) to make the project as stress free as possible.

During the renovation/remodeling, we manage and advise on all aspects of the project including materials, suppliers, finishes and trade subcontractors to ensure that your project is expedited within the timeline agreed.

• Permits and Expediting

• Architectural and Engineering Support

• Demolitions and disposals

• Concrete foundations, footing and piers

• Block walls

• Framing

• Gypsum wall board

• Spackling and taping

• Flooring

• Stone and countertops

• Tile

• Waterproofing

• Lead Safe Practices

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