Employee Application and
Equal Opportunity Forms

Reyco Services LLC is a premier general contracting company with over 10 years in business serving NJ & NY. We specialize in both commercial & residential. Reyco Services LLC is always looking to add elite members to our growing success by becoming a part of our dynamic team. Our ideal candidates are hard-working team players with a strong desire to grow & learn. If you would like to join our team, please complete an application on the link provided to you. We thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you.

Current Employees

Current W-4 Form
Current I-9 Verification Form
Safety Checklists
Incident Reports
Worker’s Compensation Compliance Notice
In case of Injury” Worker’s Compensation Notice
Worker’s Compensation Coverage Notice
Employee Handbook

NJ State Laws & Regulations

NJ Family Leave Insurance
NJ Wage Payment
NJ Wage & Hour Law
NJ Safe Act
NJ Unemployment & Disability Insurance
NJ Anti-Discrimination Law
NJ Whistleblower Act
NJ Recording & Record Keeping
NJ Dept. Of Labor Website Link

Federal Laws & Regulations

Family Leave Insurance
Federal Labor & Standards Act
Employee Rights
Gender Equity Notice
OSHA Labor Law Poster
OSHA Website Link
OSHA Construction Industry Link
Federal Department of Labor Link

New Employees

Employee Application
Equal Opportunity Law
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